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We as a wiki welcome you to the Skeksis Wiki, where you may discuss theories, original Skeksis (os), and just anything Skeksi. Edit


You may not add any personal info, or inappropriate comments. We as a wiki and community are here for each other and will not snap at one another. Mentions of other universes, like Harry Potter or Back to the Future are strictly forbidden. If any of these rules are broken, you will first be given a warning. Then, if it occurs again, you'll be asked to never visit this wiki again.


Owner(s): Emperorskeksi. Admin(s): none yet. Posters: (username here if you post here.)


Admins and owners call each other by code names, many of which will be Skeksis names. Admins and owners will be respected by fellow posters, and in return we shall do the same.


Firstly, always remember the rules. Another thing to remember is important posts and messages shall be mentioned and put in our Posts. If it is by an admin or owner, you must read over it because it may be important for you. Any posts by admins and owners may not be debated, copied, or argued with in any way, as well as never being reposted without the creator's permission. And lastly, this wiki is in early development, so things may go wrong. If they do, just bare with us and we'll fix it. Any problems must be told to the admins and owners immediately.


September 23, 2019: Wiki is created by the original owner, Emperorskeksi.


If other members can fill the placeholders below, I may be busy at a time when these need to be filled. Use Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance for this wiki, mainly focusing on the Skeksis. Take in consideration the meaning of these placeholders, and answer them to the best of your ability.

Sincerely as always,


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